Green Tea Cheesecake

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Green Tea Cheesecake

A perfect dessert for the health conscious guest


320 grams Cream Cheese

80 grams Sugar 

80 grams Egg Yolk

6 grams Gelatin

180 grams Whipped Cream

Raspberry Coulis

200 gm Raspberry Sauce 

5 gram Pectin 

4 Tetley Green Tea sachet 


In a small mixing bowl, using the whisk attachment, whisk egg yolk until fluffy.

Meanwhile, boil sugar, water and tea sachet until 118 degrees.

Pour over egg yolk and beat for 5 more minutes, remove from bowl, add gelatin and then fold in with whipped cream.

Add raspberry coulis ; boil all together until it attains sauce consistency. Cool it

This Cheesecake recipe with Tetley Green Tea is a perfect dessert to serve all the health conscious guests!