Tetley Flavour tea bag- Lemon & Honey

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Tetley Flavour tea bag- Lemon & Honey

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The first sip will make you smile at the zesty freshness of its unique lemon flavor. The next sip will delight you with the sweetness of lemon honey (natural flavour).

Before you know it, you’re enveloped in the full bodied robustness of the choicest of black tea wrapped nicely in the vibrant and zesty flavours of Lemon and Honey.

For your Perfect cup of Tetley tea

  1. Place the tea bag in a cup. Pour freshly boiled water into the cup.
  2. Brew the tea bag for about 2 min. or till you get the desired color.
  3. Remove the tea bag. Drink it as black tea or add milk. Masala Flavoured tea is best had with milk and suger.