Health Benefits

It's not often that something you love is also good for you. So brew up, and feel a little smug with each mug.

Tea and pregnancy

If you're pregnant, the UK's Food Standards Agency recommends you limit your caffeine intake to 200mg a day.

That still allows at least twofour mugs of tea a day, but if want to go further and cut caffeine out completely, we can help there too:

  • Tetley Redbush has a delicious natural sweetness. It's as hydrating as water and is packed with natural antioxidants. But it's also caffeine-free.
  • Tetley Decaf has the unique Tetley flavour, and lots of antioxidants - but without the caffeine.
  • Or try our peppermint and chamomile infusions that have no caffeine.

Tea: your liquid asset

Good health depends on having the right level of fluids, and most people need between 1.5 and 3 litres of fluids a day.

In practice, that means we should aim to drink 6-8 cups a day, and the good news is that tea counts towards that total. (If you're concerned about caffeine, you needn't be - even 6 cups of tea a day would still mean moderate caffeine intake).

So when something a little more inspiring than plain water is called for, just put the kettle on.

Zero calories

On its own, tea has no calories and no fat. So it's a delicious and refreshing ally if you're watching your weight.

Rich in antioxidants

...and other good stuff
Tea also has other good things that your body needs. If you drink four cups a day, you'll be getting around 17% of your recommended daily calcium, 5% of zinc, 22% of vitamin B2, 5% of folic acid, as well as vitamins B1 and B6.
Tea even brings benefits to your teeth. It's a natural source of fluoride that can help protect against tooth decay and gum disease.